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Adult Portrait Commission

Ian, huile sur toile,92x73cm 2003 (Medium)
seance portait1
213 (Medium)
207 (Medium)
157 (Medium)
autoportrait, huile sur toile, 40x33 (Medium)
sandrine portrait1
seance portrait2
leila portrait1
claire portrait1

Whether you want a portrait of yourself or of a loved one, a commissioned portrait is always a significant  undertaking.

First it is a collaboration between you and an artist. An artist whose work you have chosen because you want your portrait to be done precisely in her/his painting style. Then there is the element of time as a few hours dedicating to live sittings at the studio are required and we all know that  time nowadays is almost a luxury asset.

Trust and time, commissioning a portrait is indeed quite a commitment but many of my commissioners have told me that the reward of the whole experience and the finished portrait is all the more enriching and gratifying.

I offer two options for adult portrait commissions.

Charcoal drawings and alla prima oil painting portraits.

Please choose and click on the images bellow

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