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Oil on canvas

size 29x36 inches    $5000
size 24x20 inches    $3500
size 20x16 inches    $3000
size 16x12 inches    $2500

An ultimate studio painting experience...Although posing live for an artist could be sometimes tiresome,  it can also be considered as an exciting adventure to be in the core of the creative process of an artist's studio.  You will be the privileged witness of a work of art in progress  and see the step-by-step evolution of the portrait until the final stage.


Oil on canvas portrait paintings require a minimum of 3 hours a day sitting session, 2 days in a row at my San Francisco studio.  I prefer 2 days in a row as I work with the wet-on-wet technique but if it is not convenient for you, life sittings can be scheduled according to your availability. I will also take some reference photos to work with in between sessions.

The pose will be discussed and chosen together. The delivery of the painting will take place once the paint drying process has been completed (generally a couple of weeks).


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