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Children Drawing Commission

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Children drawing portrait is always a bit hit. It is a moving present and a life-time pleasurable souvenir after other family photos have long since faded.

It is also  a collaboration between the commissioner and the artist. You choose an artist whose work you like and respect and the artist beyond physical likeness will try to capture some of the soul and spirit of your loved one.

In one way or another it is always for both sides an exciting adventure.   So let's get tempted!


Although I generally prefer working from life when I do portraits, experience has taught me that children are not the best models for studio painting as anyone can easily imagine. That is why I exclusively work on reference photos when doing children portrait commissions. On the other hand a photo has its limit as far as complexion tones and colours are concerned, this is why I can only offer the 3 drawing options shown above.

How do I get started?

 1 -  Send me a email at with a reference photo. Make sure the photo you have chosen for the portrait is a decent size and detailed.  The better the photo, the better the portrait. I find it also useful to have other photos with different angles of the child for me to get to know better her/his features.   Those don't have to be top quality photos . 

2 - We then discuss the medium you want, the composition and the size of the drawing.

3 - I will start the work once I receive 50% deposit.  Personal check or accepted

4 - Once I am done I will send you an email with an attached image of the finished drawing.  Remember it is impossible for a photo to do justice to a drawing, but if you like the photo of the drawing you will most likely like the real drawing even better.

5 - I will deliver or ship it to you upon remaining 50% payment.




How long does it take?

Longer than you think!   Usually most drawing take me about a week  to complete ( for indicated standart size only).  Please keep in mind that I do receive other orders so if you would like the work completed by a certain date it will be possible only if you give me ample time to do it.

What is a decent reference photo?

The better the photo, the better the portrait. I need a good quality picture (300 dpi resolution). A nice natural lightning is always preferred for it makes smoother shadows than an electric one.  Light coming only from one side is also nicer for values than a violent one in the middle of the face flattening all shadows. Be careful of close-up because of distortions.  Look in the medium galleries for examples of what  good reference photo should look like.  Anyhow if your photo is not clear or focused enough  I will let you know right away. 

Can you change your drawing style?

No, I am afraid I cannot.

There are as many artists in this world to match with everyone taste.  If you choose me it means that you like my drawing style. Do take some time to review all the examples of portraits on these pages  because yours will probably look the same style. Please note that I do not draw much background nor hardly do the clothing , I focus exclusively on the face.

If you look for very detailed, slicky photo-realist kind of drawings I am not the artist you are looking for.  My drawings have a sketchy, alla prima style which give them this lively look.

I do not do caricatures either.

Can you do multiple portraits?

Yes, it is best if the children are together on the same photo. The price will be multiply according to the numbers of faces to do.

What if I am not happy with the portrait?

If you are not satisfied with the drawing, you are not obliged to buy it.  A third of the total amount  will be kept as a compensation for the artist time and work.

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