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size 18 x 15 inches          $550

Watercolour is a fantastic medium for colour work. Because it is a medium that requires rapidity and lightness of execution, it gives the portrait a lively and spontanous aspect. 

Watercolour portraits are only possible if your photo is top quality (see FAQ). 

I use a Fabriano Watercolour paper quite thick 300 g/m2.

As watercolour cannot stand any coating as it will alter its colour pigments, the best protection and conservation is to frame it and not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Size indicated above can slightly vary of a few inches. I can do bigger (contact me for specific quote) but definitely not smaller. 


Watercolour drawings are delivered without frame or matting.

Price does not include sales tax or shipping.


© 2017 by Sylvie Guillot
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