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size 16 x 13 inches         $400

Red chalk is a delicate medium which suits very well children features.  I use a combinaison of a dark red chalk, a light red and a white pastel chalk.  It does remind of course of Renaissance famous painters preliminary sketch studies and the process and medium haven't changed since.

They are done on Canson pastel acid-free, 100% cotton coloured paper, 120 g/m2.

Other background colours than neutral grey are available.

For protection I spray with fixative but pastels are very delicate in nature.  I suggest you frame it as soon as possible.

Size indicated above can slightly vary of a few inches. I can do bigger (contact me for specific quote) but definitely not smaller.


Red chalk drawings are delivered without frame or matting.

Price does not include sales tax or shipping.

© 2017 by Sylvie Guillot
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